Im literally getting paid to hide behind the sundae counter and read smutty fanfic I love working at an ice cream store when it’s cold

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imagine if louis wore this sweatshirt he would be absolutely swimming in it i think im gonna be sick




I’m trying to think of a time when Louis looked more “swoony” and I can’t lol

Maybe that time they were asked about getting married and having kids, haha

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November 16th, ‘11


i feel awful because the members of one direction are so genuine and talented but they’re constantly being screwed over by the people who work for them and as a band they end up looking ridiculous from liam not apologizing for tweeting something offensive to a plagiarized music video they need to be handled better because the time will come when they can’t bank on their fame to get them out of things




Look at what I found while browsing through the old concert videos! (x) (x) (x)


And here we have the Whipped Harry Styles in his natural habitat, doing whatever Louis Tomlinson asks of him.

I just found out that Louis had actually asked Harry to do a jumping jack. WOW.


Bless them.